Manufacturing of low voltage switchgears

The manufacturing of switchgears has a long tradition in Teplice. Since 1995 we produce low voltage swith gears and concrete transformer stations in our factory.

Techco-Electrics manufactures low voltage cubicle switchgears and distribution panels, which are used for electrical power distribution in heavy industry, power stations, office- and public buildings, infrastructure projects and the railway industry.
We use as a base for the different distributors cabinets from internationally known companies, such as Rittal and Siemens/OEZ, but we are as well flexible to adapt to our customer needs and provide special cabinets which can be produced within our company group.

About 60% of our yearly production volume is exported, mainly to Germany and Austria. 40% remain in the Czech domestic market. The most importantan customers of Techco-Electrics include ČEZ, Siemens, ABB, Bohemia Muller, Recticel Czech Automotive, RAI Most, Elektroprim Koutník and Robert Bosch GmbH. In addition we deliver via our sales office in Puchenau, Austria, to a lot of well known companies, such as Siemens, Andritz, Maschinenfabrik Liezen and a lot more. 

Our goal is to find solutions at an optimum for our customers, while fullfilling the highest standards and quality requirements.                                                                                                 Therefore we have high quality standards and are continuously improving and upgrading our production facility according to the newest trends within the industry. 

To fullfill the different needs of our customers, we have the following competencies in our portfolio: 

Engineering (whole cubicles, change management, work preparation, with EPLAN)

Production and assembly of all kinds of standard - and customized cabinets according to EU regulations

Acceptance testing, start of operation and service directly at the customer

typetesting in accredited testing laboratories (for example, FGH in Mannheim, IPH Berlin and/or EZU Troja in Prague)

our QM system is certified according to ISO 9001

our eco-management is certified according to ISO 14001


some of our LV switchgear products:

  • Low-voltage distributors (main and sub-distribution switchgear)
  • LV compensation switchgear.
  • Low-voltage switchgear for power supply to drive units (MCC)
  • Switchgear for automation and control devices
  • Switchgear for protective and safety automation devices in power engineering
  • Control cubicles for large transformers (EEA and NAFTA)
  • Specially designed switchgear (for example, panels, electric boxes)
  • Equipment for railway and vehicle equipment