Assembly of concrete transformer stations up to 38.5 kV (only for the CZ and SK market)

Assembly of concrete transformer stations up to 38.5 kV (only for the CZ and SK market)

Techco-Electrics, in collaboration with SCHEIDT, delivers and assembles these stations on the Czech market as the sole representative of this company. Quick installation, modern technology and small dimensions allow the building of a transformer station on a European level with minimum investment and in a very short time. The high-quality concrete structure made by SCHEIDT satisfies the strictest safety, ease of operation and appearance requirements; it is equipped with sophisticated internal electrical installations (high-voltage, low-voltage) in the Techco-Electrics design.

Our competencies in the production of concrete transformer stations:

  • Engineering
  • Production, completion and maintenance on the customer's premises
  • Production quality management

Our products:

  • Switching concrete stations
  • Transfer concrete stations
  • Distribution concrete stations

The entire production of Techco-Electrics satisfies all the requirements of legal and technical regulations including type-approval tests, which are performed in testing laboratories accredited by the EU. Techco-Electrics products are tested before they are integrated into the manufacturing programme and are type-approval tested in accredited testing laboratories (for example, FGH in Mannheim, IPH Berlin and/or EZU Troja in Prague). 

The Techco-Electrics management system is certified for quality and environmental management according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, as amended