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Techco-Electrics offers more to its customers!                          expercience - expertise - flexibility!



As part of the Techco Group we produce in our facility in Teplice (CZ) a variety of electrical cabinets and transformator stations for different areas of application. Together with our Sales Office in Puchenau (AT) we work on solutions for application in the industry, communication-, infrastructure- and energy sector. 




Value added for our customer thanks to effectiveness and experience

Our customers, thereof world wide market leaders of manufacturing of electrical devices, value our long term experience in the production of large scale series, as well as smaller and middle series and prototypes.
We offer custom tailored solutions in compliance with all applicable standards and design individual cabinets fitting a variety of requirements.
Wheter it is a matter of elaborating a concept and solutions for energy, power distribution, trains, heavy trucks or environmental questions, we design and produce with the help of our know-how and our years of experience at state of the art.
Our flexibility enables us, even in the case of change requests, to produce further, ensuring quick reaction and a still short lead time for our customers.

In our portfolio you will find:

Rittal design standard LV switchgear for industry and the energy sector

Switchgear system SIVACON (from 1600 A)

Switchgear system SV Techco-Electrics (up to 1600 A)

Switchgear cubicles for industrial automation (small and medium-sized series)

 Control cubicles for large transformers (EEA and NAFTA)

Specially designed switchgear (for example, panels, electric boxes)

Equipment for railway and vehicle equipment

Transformer stations in a concrete design (up to 38.5 kV)