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Techco-Electrics offers its customers more! More experience, competencies and flexibility!



What is the line of business of TECHCO-Electrics?

In the manufacturing plant in Teplice (Czech Republic) with technical and business support from Linz (Austria), we manufacture switchgear for the energy industry and control devices and transformer stations for all sorts of applications. Our products are available in the areas of communication technologies, the processing industry, transport and the energy industry.


Utility for the customer thanks to effectiveness and experience

Our customers include only those that set a global pace in the manufacturing of electrical devices and bet on our long-term experience in the manufacture of large devices. We offer the manufacturing of switchgear in small and medium-sized series. We are also ready to offer switchgear in special dimensions and designs. We prepare custom solutions that at the same time comply with the applicable legislation for industry, energy and infrastructure. 

We offer solutions that will move you ahead. We score where others stand still: Electrical equipment for mobile objects (for example, trains and high-volume vehicles) or special solutions for the area of the energy sector in power distribution. Wherever the area of usage or the environment entails special requirements for devices, we are capable of meeting your challenges thanks to our engineering experience and manufacturing know-how.

In our portfolio you will find:

1.  Rittal design standard LV switchgear for industry and the energy sector

2.  Switchgear system SIVACON (from 1600 A)

3.  Switchgear system SV Techco-Electrics (up to 1600 A)

4.  Switchgear cubicles for industrial automation (small and medium-sized series)

5.  Control cubicles for large transformers (EEA and NAFTA)

6.  Specially designed switchgear (for example, panels, electric boxes)

7.  Equipment for railway and vehicle equipment

8.  Transformer stations in a concrete design (up to 38.5 kV)